True Email Verification

In your form or in your files, be sure it's real.

Keep your email lists clean with our Realtime Verification API or Batch File Uploads. Never worry again about the validitiy of your email lists. With outstanding pricing, stop bouncing emails and stay connected to your customers.

Verify Emails In Real-Time

Use our API to your form validation, for fast, accurate resuts. With lightning fast response times, SureVerify's email verification API will keep your site zipping along. Be sure the data you collect is accurate and keep your databases clean from the start.

Maintain your IP Reputation

Stop bouncing emails and keep your IP integrity. Be sure you reach the inbox every time. Don't continue to mail and hope, clean it up today!

SureFile Your Files

Keep your your email lists clean. Upload your data files, come back in a later and download the results. With SureFile, cleaning your data has never been easier.

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