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Monthly Volume Pricing

Have volume? Our monthly volume discounts give you flexibility to help control your monthly spend. Your cost per lookup (cpl) will decrease based on your usage. The more you use the more you save.

Once you reach a volume discount tier, the rest of your lookups for that month will be set to the discounted amount.

See our monthly volume discounts below:

Monthly Volume 1 - 250k 250k - 500k 500k - 1M 1M - 2M 2M+
Cost $0.008 $0.007 $0.006 $0.005 Contact Us

Free Account

Create a trial account for free today. It has all the features as our pay plan so you can test out our service.

With your signup, you will recieve 1000 free lookups. Once those run out, you are billed based on usage within a given month. Payments are due the first of each month.

No contracts. No minimums.

Just pay as you go. No strings attached. No contracts to look over or monthly minimums to worry about.